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Teachers and students love the movie "minded" to reflect the touch of love and moral bottom line

About whether love
Love the teachers and students about the violation of moral drama "knot" will be released in Japan in June, the film aims to highlight the moral boundary of the women across the strong and beautiful.

The film teachers and students love the main line, about 14 years ago, teacher-student relationship, but to love one another Ayako Kai Kai, 14 years after the two met again, although both have been married, but the fire of love moment is the moment in the reunion lit ... ... Actress Ayako Sawaki by the actress's red dry play, this is the first time Akasawa play the leading role in the film, playing the male lead Keisuke is the fine acting of the River has a city to play this soon.

Wife and husband, love and sex, present and past conflicts such as love between men and women throughout the movie always. Play Kawamoto wife was in "Love Exposure" has a great acting wide Ze grass play, play Akasawa husband is Takeshi Kitano directed the latest gangster film "a very evil non-Road" in a brilliant star in the Miura Cheng had. In addition, the Strength actor Koichi Ueda, Tatsumi Takuro and other actors will play an important player in the film.

Film, "knot" will be in late June 2010 shown in Japan.

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Hollywood "Western hero Jonah Hex"

 Recently, Hollywood "Western hero Jonah Hex" exposed trailers, [Film Network] exclusive compilation Chinese subtitles. Sexy actress Megan Fox trailer in addition to a glimpse of backless and thigh, there is no further release of other lenses.

"Western hero Jonah Hex" by Warner Brothers DC Comics adaptation under the same name,Compaq M2000 Keyboard written by "Psychological anger" of the two anti-Wal-Mart on behalf of screenwriters Mark and Brian Tyler surgeon, from the animated "Horton and Anonymous, "director Jimmy Hayward directed, and this is his first live-action film.Jonah Hex hero is a famous cartoon characters, deep scar on his right cheek there, dressed in coalition uniforms, often to reward and bloody battle. In the comic series,HP/Compaq Laptop keyboardthis character who combines the supernatural elements of the western type.

Dao Balian tells the story of bounty hunters to track wanted Jonah Hex voodoo sorcerer,HP/Compaq Laptop keyboard who died attempting to summon an army to liberate the South.Josh Brolin and Megan Fox played many male and female, 2 per capita extraordinary skill, marksmanship outstanding, except the play alongside, should also be staged hot love your role; opera also come forward to battle bone John Malkovich, play a major villain film,Compaq keyboardother actors have Will Arnett , Michael Fassbinder and Michael Shannon.

The film is expected to be August 6, 2010 release.

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"Iron Man 2" on the 7th landing performance and cooler in the Mainland "cocky"

 The heart of almost every superhero, there is a deep fear --- was found his true identity. Therefore, Superman phone booth to hide enchant his tights, and Spider-Man in order to survive when on the tabloid paparazzi. Iron Man'm just so arrogant, against the world that: "Yes, I am Iron Man!" Phrase lines appear in "Iron Man 2", while the film on May 7 will visit the mainland.

No one thought of a fact does not have any super powers of ordinary human beings to have such power, as no one thought of "Iron Man" in 2008 at the global box office hit nearly 600 million U.S. dollars. However, because of this, Iron Man is so insane.dell car chargergateway 450rog keyboardgateway m520 keyboarddell inspiron 1720 keyboardzv5000 keyboardIn general people like rock and roll heart of the "Iron Man 2" in Robert Downey Jr. to live all over the world envy --- extremely wealthy man, shine, side there are two quite challenging beauty to his boredom, even if there are bad beat his idea but eventually he won. Therefore, even if he occasionally a little lonely, so what?

Posts】 【man bad boy of the world

Robert Downey Jr. and big villain of the actor Mickey Rourke have a real life "bad boy", but they are still friends. Joining the latter to "Iron Man 2" even more evil cute.

Robert Downey Jr.: He is Iron Man

Speaking of Robert Downey Jr., many people would use to describe the old saying: "Prodigal Son, Jin Bu Huan." Drug arrest in 1997, a scandal came after the severe setback of his career,hp laptop keyboardacer 5520 lcdDell laptop batteryHP Pavilion DV5000 Battery|Dell Inspiron 1525 AC Adapter|DV1000 Adapter|Dell PA-12 AC Adapter| let alone in 2000, he experienced life behind bars for months, and again after his release as a result of drug use "second malignancy." Have been considered as the "most promising actor in Hollywood," he has been after some lackluster play the role of green leaves until the "Iron Man" to save him.

At first, no one on the "Iron Man" or Downey had starred in my expectations, but it just inspired the men of Victory Downey Aries heart. "Even if no one believes me, but I always think they are qualified for this super hero. I always strive to maintain confidence." Later, he said. "Iron Man" after, he starred in "Tropic Thunder," to engage in order to play a black man and his face blackened. This movie fully confirmed his acting and the acting insane degree. To "Iron Man 2" before release, no doubt have been more people looking for him.

Of course, Downey has now bid farewell to drug addiction, but it does not mean he has changed his "Hollywood bad boy" style. "Iron Man 2" director Jon fee of Confucianism, said: "Iron Man in the second episode in a greater charm. He and his contemporaries are not the same super-hero, he is better at, and social integration,HP Laptop keyboard| HP/Compaq Laptop keyboard| Compaq M2000 Keyboard| he did not fear of exposing their identity, even so many tough being trouble. This little ruffian's temperament, with Downey really phase contrast. this movie set when he became lead I did not realize this, but "Iron Man" opened, we will understand. He is Iron Man, this can no longer change. They have much the same temperament, is his role to make this even more perfect。

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Latest movies How to Train Your Dragon

"Tame Dragon Master," the story

        Focus on a fictitious and full of mythological world of imagination, full of strong burly figure are pirates and murderous fire-breathing dragon ... unusual ... the HP Pavilion DV5000 Battery|Dell Inspiron 1525 AC Adapter|DV1000 Adapter|Dell PA-12 AC Adapter| whole story revolves around a   Pushkar  (Jay * Baluqieer voice) of the young pirates started, he and other Serbs to live together in an island called Burke, there has to wrestle with the dragon as a daily way of life.

        There is no doubt that Xi Kapu followed the view of some very significant reform and anti-traditional sense of humor that have made his own tribe into a letter of aliens,Dell inspiron 1300 AC Adapter|Compaq keyboardHP/Compaq Laptop keyboardHP/Compaq Laptop keyboard| but he happens to be the pirate leaders "big man" Steucke (Gerard Butler voice) son, his father is to conceal his face on the "blame" the son of disappointment.

        With Xi Kapu and the tribe with other peers accept the "kill for Gifted Dragon" - were included Astrid (Asia and the United States America Ferrera voice), Compaq M2000 Keyboard|HP Pavilion zv5000 Keyboard|HP Pavilion NX9100 Keyboard| Harold Sprout (Jonah Hill voice),   (Christopher Gomez - Placer voice) and twin sisters Lafunate (Kristen Wiig voice box) and Tafunate (T · J Miller voice), he has this as an excellent opportunity to prove he is fully equipped to be a warrior character.

        However, when Xi Kapu met a wounded little dragon, his view of the world been completely subverted, as he should, and this should be a sworn enemy of the good friends ... ... the village blacksmith Gao Bo (voice of Craig Ferguson) is a laptop keyboard|HP Laptop keyboard| HP/Compaq Laptop keyboard| Compaq M2000 Keyboard "Tame Dragon" mentor, he soon saw that even from the Xi Kapu are not aware of his father, the leader of a unique talent out. Initially, Xi Kapu just to let everyone recognize the identity of his next generation of leaders, eventually creating for himself an incredible opportunity, will inevitably bring the whole tribe to a great new chapter in the groundbreaking them.

 "Tame Dragon Master" behind the scenes

Pirates and Toronto

        "Tame Long Ji" inspired by Ge Leixi Dakeweier (Cressida Cowell) children's books written by the same name ... ... almost 6 years ago by the British writer Curvier write this series of books led dream Animation Factory's attention, as before with a relatively small minority of some highly respected, but the topic kept changing into a real box office blockbuster and a corresponding accumulation of experience and reputation, DreamWorks once described from the original adventure smell the dramatic story of the film potential - Here is a Pushkar the  Dell Inspiron 5100 Adapter|8600 Adapter|Dell Inspiron 1501 Adapter|HP 417220-001 Adapter| skinny little boy hard in the "power on behalf of all" world of pirates to find their own place, Curvier said: "If You, like me, are written with the pirates and the story of the fierce dragon, then it should be possible in a great proportion to create the world they are located. When DreamWorks to find me, and expressed their interested in my novel for the animated film will, I feel the irrepressible excitement and emotion, I know they definitely be able to expand the scope covered the story to a point where I can not imagine. "

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"Darling was a foreigner," the story

 "Darling was a foreigner," the story

Film describes the portrait master writer Tony yarns of different colors and the United States fell in love from strangers to the life of child marriage education, which the couple's daily cross-border fun story, filled with a touch of warmth.

 "Darling was a foreigner," behind the scenes

Original cartoonist for the small chestnut left many in the animation and film videos drawn cartoon appeared manuscript. Involved much more than her, in almost all aspects of the film to act as advisers, such as casting and scenery so. Oguri specially built to stay a few hours spent in day-long live film set in room layout and make adjustments, she changed her position piled comic information, but also personally write on the refrigerator.

Hero home living room, hangs a work of calligraphy. This is a beautiful country re Friends of the United States and the Taoist book specifically for the film written on the new work. States with emphasis on combining English words and Chinese characters,Compaq M2000 Keyboard|HP Pavilion zv5000 Keyboard|HP Pavilion NX9100 Keyboard|Laptop keyboard|HP Laptop keyboard "British character" known for calligraphy.They were the first day of the shooting, the film Sayuri's black humor, delicate Tony's serious, we need them to show it. Inoue acting Needless to say, the performance of Jonathan also unanimously affirmed. This Inoue said: "The work and live very warm, not the end of this atmosphere has continued enough." For Jonathan she says, "when first meeting was his pretty shocked."

In order to film producer Hamana Ichiya preparation of a total of 5 years, he said: "In an age full of misery, it hopes to deliver a warm send works. Went through laughter and tears, to finally be happy ... ..." The writer, after reading the same name as the original cartoons are also very moved, and strive to do the film's script to take the essence of the original, so that all people can read the happiness of them resonate. In addition, the film will only use Inoue reasons, producers said it was "only she can reflect the hero's charm."

Film "Darling was a foreigner," is about the cross cultural barriers and a cross-border romance. Will be held in April 2010 released throughout Japan.

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"Funeral" of the story

  Perhaps many people have made similar nightmare, when you woke up and found he was dead,HP Pavilion DV5000 Battery|Dell Inspiron 1525 AC Adapter| then you will do? After a terrible accident with the gruesome, the Annataile (Christina Ricci decorated) feel caught in the endless darkness, but when she gradually regained consciousness and regained consciousness, they were horrified to discover that the local funeral contractors Elliott Deacon (decorated with Muni Sen) is doing for her body buried in the preparation ... ... feel more confused and headaches, DV1000 Adapter|Dell PA-12 AC Adapter|Dell Inspiron 5100 AdapterAnna felt really alive, she did not believe he was dead , while Elliot has been trying to persuade her to relax a bit, she could feel that he is still alive because her body is to the "death of the world" over. In addition, Elliott has made Anna think he has the ability to communicate and the dead, and is the only one who can help her.

    Remain in the funeral parlor, the eyes of the body is seen in addition to Elliott, no other person can talk to, and Anna had to face her fear of the most deep and slowly accept the fact that they have died ... ... but that Anna into the deep sorrow of her boyfriend Paul (Gusitinglang decoration) but not if he always suspected Elliott shown so kind and considerate, with the funeral of an approaching day by day, Paul is also getting closer to be solved The disturbing truth about the mystery, but he probably acted too late, because Anna has begun to another world. Related

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Latest film, "losers" Plot

 According to popular comic book adaptation of "losers" (The Losers) recently announced the latest figure posters, with the previous posters pure comic COSPLAY version than the  Na more of this sexy, cleavage and bullets Fei Qi, cool in the band-mei. The film brings together the cast of Hollywood action star in the new generation leader: apart from the "Star Trek" and "Avatar," the heady   Na, as well as "the Rye" in the "Comedy home   Morgan and" Fantastic Four "in the" Thunderbolt "Chris Evans, all played decent.

"Losers" of the protagonists are members of the elite U.S. Special Forces, they were sent to the tropical jungles of Bolivia to perform a search and destroy mission. Team in the implementation of tasks within the organization found itself as a people the right to hold the weight of Marx (Max) of the target. After being presumed dead, everyone anonymity, United mysterious beauty Aisha (Aisha) vengeance, ready to assassinate high-tech attempt to make the world into war Marx.

It is reported that the film will be on April 9 release in North America.

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